AI tools are touching every segment of the business these days. Content writing was the first to get AI-assisted tools. Since content writing took time and energy, AI coders targeted it first. Among the crop of AI tools for writing content, some stood out clearly as winners. Writesonic is one of them. I tried it recently and was amazed by the accuracy and smoothness of the text it generated. You can write landing pages, social media ads, blog posts, product descriptions, video scripts, and other content. Instead of hiring writers like me, you can use writesonic to create high-quality articles in less time than it would take me to write by myself.

It’s relatively easy to start writing with writesonic. It has a simple dashboard that offers over 40 options, such as ideas for blogs, landing pages, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, product descriptions, and more. All you need to do is write a topic and a few sentences to give it an idea. Click ‘Launch’ and watch the bot write the content for you. It’s for everyone – individuals, agencies, book authors, and anyone who wants quality content.

As for the pricing, it offers the following:

Free-trial – costs no money as it gives you 10 credits to start. No options are greyed out. And the best part is that it’s available in 25 different languages. The only limitation is that you can use it for one seat, which means you cannot use those 10 credits with other accounts.

Long-form – costs $12.67/month, and you get 75 credits. All the features and languages can be accessed, but only one user can use them. The only difference between a free and a basic plan is that you get high-priority support. 75 credits are enough to write 47,500 words in good quality; for premium quality, you get 19,000 words! 100 premium words are equal to a high-quality 250-word article. With 19,000, you can get a whole book written exclusively for you.

And then there are integrations. Writesonic is integrated with the Shopify app and Zapier. With Zapier, you can incorporate Writesonic with Instagram, Google Docs, Twitter, WordPress, Buffer, and Google sheets.

AI content writing tools are evolving. Developers are constantly updating the algorithms to make them more human. Human-written content cannot be compared with any AI writing tool. I am not saying it’s not good. However, Google and other search engines are increasingly aware of AI-assisted content. Therefore, a page with AI-assisted content doesn’t fare well in SERPs. The content is not a delight to read as of now. But you never know. The way AI evolves, we might get more humanized features.

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