I was excited to see what AI could do for voiceovers. I always wanted a perfect native English voice for my online courses. But the thing I needed the most was a human voice that could read the articles I write to understand how the readers think when they read. I stumbled across a YouTube video that introduced me to Murf AI.

Murf AI uses sophisticated algorithms to create spotless voiceovers using text-to-speech that I can edit as many times as I wish. It is a marvelous tool with 125+ voices to find the perfect one for my project. There are a variety of effects to make the sound more human, with low and high pitches, emphasis, interjections, and speed.

I uploaded an article with some images I generated with Dall-E 2 AI. Murf also converted the entire text into a voiceover and explained the photos. How cool is that? And I did this using the free version of the software.

Voiceover is the trickiest part of managing course creators, lecturers, and business people. Having Murf generate high-quality voiceovers that sound professional and polished is a dream come true. Before the dawn of AI, creators used to spend hours, even days, figuring out the voice recording and editing it endlessly to create the perfect tone. Now it can be done within minutes. That’s way beyond cool.

Enterprises, medium businesses, small businesses, and even content creators like myself can generate ultra-realistic voices across ages, accents, and in 20+ languages. Imagine speaking Portuguese and explaining my products to Portuguese people.

Murf is for every voiceover project that you can think of, including but not limited to:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Promotional Ads and videos
  • E-learning course videos and audios
  • Games
  • Audiobooks
  • IVR phone systems and customer support
  • Software and App demos
  • Corporate training material
  • Anything that involves voices

You can edit each project’s tone, interjections, pauses, and voice pitches. A fun way to use Murf is to create social media posts with voices.


The Free plan gives you 120+ voices, 10 minutes of voice generation, and 10 minutes of transcription, and you can share links to the audio/video outputs. What you cannot do is download the voice file or give your friends and family access to Murf AI.

The basic plan is $13/month, and you can download the voice files. You get 24 hours of voice generation and commercial usage rights with access to 60 different voices in 10 languages. But it’s for a single user only.

The Pro plan is $26/month and gives you everything you desire. It doubles the basic plan.

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