Midjourney is a unique AI-powered art generator based on its machine-learning model. Instead of using Dall-E 2, open-source stable diffusion or GAN network, it uses something of its own. It is a research lab exploring ways to expand the imaginative power of human beings.

It is an autonomous bot that uses machine learning to create pictures based on text descriptions. Instead of using complex algorithms, it searches for images online and combines them artistically. It’s not a simple composite. It’s way more than that.

MJ runs through the Discord server. To access it, open Discord in a browser. Alternatively, you can download it on a smartphone. Once downloaded, click ‘Join the Beta’ and follow the steps to create an account. After creating an account, go to the Discord app and click the MJ icon in the left-hand column. It’s a boat icon with white background.

The text input is unique too. There is a ‘/imagine.’ Prompt at the bottom of the screen and a type box beside it. Type a fanciful prompt using subjects, mood descriptors, artistic style, or anything that can help the AI understand the image you want to generate. You can enter a whole paragraph, song lyrics, or anything that can give AI an idea of what the image is about. And do not forget to ‘Let the imagination fly free.

It generates four options in a grid based on the given prompt. Choose the best one by clicking the (U) upscale button. The Upscale button pulls the image out of the grid and expands it to a higher resolution. The V button helps you create variations of the selected image.

The quality of the images is not unique. Dall-E 2 and Nightlife generate the best AI art and images compared to all the other tools.

Midjourney might be suitable for playing around with existing pictures, but it doesn’t come close to Dall-E 2 or other high-end tools.


MidJourney is still in beta mode. You get 25 images for free. The $10/month basic membership lets you create 200 images per month, and the $30/month high-level standard members offer unlimited creations in the ‘relaxed’ mode. Corporate memberships are $600/per year. You can get more info on subscriptions by typing ‘/info’ in the message bar.

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