Jasper AI is a robotic content writer that uses AI neural network to curate and write content 4x faster than an average human copywriter. You may know that writing was the first category that received AI-assisted programs. Jasper has some of the most amazing content-writing algorithms in the business. And to sweeten the pot, it writes SEO-friendly content, which provides an edge over other AI content writing tools by incorporating search engine-friendly keywords sprinkled all over the copy, helping you get a better position in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking positions)

I used Jasper AI for 10 months. Don’t worry; this article is not written by Jasper. It assisted me in writing copy for blog posts and product descriptions, and the best thing was it helped me get over writer’s block. You know, when a writer gets stuck, often, after writing the headline, that’s a massive waste of time. Jasper helped me get over it by writing 250 words of the introductory paragraph in just 7 seconds! I was amazed.

It has a straightforward interface. The navigation was easy because of shortcut tools, and it supports 25+ different languages. Talk about being a Polyglot.

If you are stuck writing social media posts, landing page copy, SEO-optimized articles, listicles, essays, assignments, whitepapers, technical documents, and anything that involves writing, open Jasper AI and, within a matter of seconds, get a whole 1000-word, plagiarism and fluff-free, 100% curated original content.

You only need to type the URL and get a subscription (Boss mode is the best). It has templates you can choose to get the ball rolling. You can select a text summarizer, blog post outline, blog post conclusion, creative story, sentence expander, PAS framework, content improver, AIDA framework, blog post topic ideas, video description, persuasive bullet point, and feature to benefit.

Then, there are recipes! In boss mode, Jasper allows you to give simple commands to the bot to write the exact copy you want. These commands are curated by the Jasper team, like ‘write about (insert your keyword) or ‘Write a conclusion for (insert your keyword). Click the Jasper AI recipe, and you will get your desired copy within seconds. Talk about a personal writer who doesn’t need to take breaks!

Jasper kept the pricing simple. There are two ways to pay for your virtual writing assistant:

Starter – For 20,000 words, you have to pay $24/per month annually. For most of us, 20k words are more than enough. You get everything, including 5 seats, except SEO mode, Jasper commands, chrome extension, document checker, recipes, plagiarism checker, and Grammarly.

Boss-Mode – For $49/month annually, you get 50k words with everything not available in the starter package and more. Take a look at the features here.

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